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Know-Where was the first company to introduce a fully-featured online locator back in 1995. As innovators in our field, we continue to devote substantial resources towards advancing the capabilities of our software not only on the web but for wireless devices, telephone applications and more.

The solutions we create for our customers are each custom built to accommodate their specific requirements. Our solutions are highly flexible, customizable, and capable of accommodating the most complex search requirements. Our goal is to serve the needs of both present and future clients.

At Know-Where, you are literally a phone call or email away from the answers you need. Our support team is staffed by degreed professionals that can easily guide both PHDs and computer newbies through the development, deployment and use of our locators.
When you call our support line, there is no such thing as an incomplete "canned answer." We are responsive, friendly, knowledgeable and well versed in keeping our extensive clientele happy.

Know-Where is privately owned company and has used no venture capital or external debt. We have experienced continuous growth in revenues and have been profitable every year since 1998. Our sound economic condition and commitment to conservative financial policies means that we will be around to provide locator service for as long as your company needs it.

For more information, email or call us at 888-727-4457.

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