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 Data Security
Companies are often concerned about competitors collecting their location data. Because of this fear, they may be reluctant to use a web-based locator. Know-Where addresses this issue and uses a highly refined security system to make "automated data mining" of your location data impossible.

Know-Where was the first to introduce a fully-featured online locator in 1995. As innovators in our field, we continue to devote substantial resources towards advancing the capabilities of our software. Our goal is to serve the needs of both present and future clients.

If there’s a feature you’d like, tell us. We can do just about anything.

 No Usage Fees
Our solutions are 100% unmetered with no additional charges, regardless of factors out of your control such as usage. There are no charges for transactions,map draws, page views, bandwidth, location data updates or support. Your annual service fee includes all charges with no end-of-year surprises

Multiple Platforms
In addition to our web-based locator services, we can provide locator solutions for a variety of additional platforms including toll-free voice, SMS text messaging, mobile web and any custom applications you may need, all without any extra work from you.

 Simple Updates
Making changes to your location data is fast and easy using our self-service update tool. You can change your data as often as you wish at no additional charge. Too busy? Try one of our fully automated update solutions. Either way, we provide many delivery options and can handle your data in the format that works best for you.

At Know-Where, you are literally a phone call or email away from the answers you need. Our support team is staffed by degreed professionals that can easily guide both PHDs and computer newbies through the development, deployment and use of our locators.

When you call our support line, there is no such thing as an incomplete "canned answer." We are responsive, friendly, knowledgeable and well versed in keeping our extensive clientele happy.

   Site Integration
Site integration is very important to us. Wur locator will be branded to look and feel just liWke the rest of your site. Every locator is custom built to meet the specific needs of each client. Our solutions are capable of accommodating your most complex requirements.

Dynamic Maps and Directions
Your customers can easily zoom in and out, scroll, pan and drag our dynamic maps. Driving directions to your locations are also included.

Know-Where can support your project regardless of the number of locations you have or their distribution. We provide locators for businesses that are regional, national and international.

Site Integration
Know-Where solutions can allow customers to do proximity searching by ZIP code, city name, state, area code, full street address, store number and more - all in addition to searching by map click via our interactive maps.

We can also provide search results based on territories and search results confined to a location’s brand, service, amenity and more.

In a rush? A fully customized Know-Where locator can be created very quickly. We’ve been known to create locators in just hours based on a client’s site design. From there, integrating the locator into your site is quick and easy. international.

Site Integration
Our solutions come with both raw server logs and enhanced usage reporting showing a wide variety of usage summaries. We can also customize reporting to accommodate any requirements you may have.

We guarantee perfect mapping for all locations. If a street is missing, we'll add it immediately. If a street name has changed, we'll update it. Know-Where won’t force you to wait months or years for errors or omissions in mapping data to be corrected.

We can fix any and all errors quickly. If any location marker is in the wrong position, it can be relocated. We even supply a self-service interface so you can move your map markers, or simply contact us and we'll take care of it for you.


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